SharePoint classic blogs are being retired

In mid december 2019, a message center Notification turned up in the tenant admin portal, telling you the “Retirement of SharePoint classic and Delve blogs“.

See Message Center ID: MC197403

The SharePoint classic blogs and Delve blogs are being retired.

  • Existing SharePoint classic blogs will continue to work as expected, including the ability to create new posts, but you will not be able to create new blog sites after a period of time.
  • Delve blogs will no longer be available for creation, and existing blogs will eventually be removed, after an extended period of read only access.

Now as you can read, “classic blog sites” will still work and from July 2020 on, you cant create new Blog sites based on that old template from the UI anymore.

Although you may still can create classic Blog sites using powershell, it is not recommended to do that since once a feature is deprecated or retired, it can be fully removed at some point (no ETA yet when this will stop working at all).

While cloud services will imporve over tiem and while addign new features it is also to be anticipated that some less used or not rewlly widely adopted ones will disapear to make room for the new ones.

However, unlike Delve blogs that are definitely will be deleted beginning July 17th, 2020,
you do have almost 6 month to move them as recommended to the new modern communication sites.

So How does this affect you?

If you use SharePoint classic blogs, be aware that:

  • Beginning January 18th, 2020, the classic blog site template name will change to “Blogs (retired)”.
  • Beginning July 17th, 2020, the ability to create new classic blog sites through the user interface will be turned off. 

If you use Delve blogs, be aware that:

  • Beginning January 18th, 2020, tenants will not have the ability to create new Delve blogs.
  • Beginning February 18th, 2020 the ability to create new, or edit existing posts, in existing Delve blogs will be disabled.
  • Beginning July 17th, 2020, existing Delve blogs will be deleted and removed from Delve profiles.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You can either transition existing Blog sites to a new, modern communication site or recreate blog sites fresh from start.


  • If you’d like to transition your existing blog content to a modern communication site, that is possible using the community supported PnP Page transformation tool, available here: Modernize Delve blogs and classic blogs

cheers, Steve 😉

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