Ignite 2019: first few announcements about SharePoint and OneDrive

Ignite 2019 has been running last week (Nov. 4 – 8) and it’s again full of incredible and awesome announcement across all services.

Although Azure is these days in prominent focus, we still have lots of goodies from the SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business side of the house 😉

There is a lot to share across numerous announcements shared at Ignite 2019!

Below are the first 4 bullets as a summary:

  • Migration – moving content in Microsoft 365 gets more options and easier to manage
  • Security – SharePoint and OneDrive secure and compliant for your data and people
  • SharePoint admin center innovation – manage sites and metadata/term sets
  • New SharePoint Server offerings in Azure

The main goal is to help customers moving to the cloud in an easy way, with confidence and with the right results in getting their content quickly into Office 365.

As part of the journey, Microsoft recently acquired MOVER (see also my previous post) which will certainly ease a lot of migrations form other cloud services.

Learn more about Mover and its processes (guides) today.

This complements the Microsoft own SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) which lets you migrate content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive from the following locations:

  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2010 (GA Q3,2019 [roadmap ID: 54344]
  • Network and local file shares

see more here:
Overview and Download SPMT
SharePoint Migration Tool (current release) or
SharePoint Migration Tool Public Preview V3.0.104.3
SPMT supported features

Now when using the SharePoint Migration Tool, you can start migrating your content from SharePoint Server 2010 (including pages, web parts, content types, taxonomy and subsites) to Office 365. You, too, can now select a sub-folder destination or create a sub-folder directly in the tool, allowing you to migrate your content directly into your preferred Microsoft Teams channel(s).

With a few simple clicks in the intuitive user interface, you can migrate files from file shares, SharePoint sites, with support for bulk migrations.

Migration manager (preview) [Roadmap ID: 57308]

NOTE: it is not yet available but planned for Q2, 2020

The migration manager, becomes a key part of the SharePoint admin center (preview).

  • It helps orchestrate and simplify management of large-scale migrations.
  • Admins can add and manage multiple migration machines to centrally orchestrate all migration activities.
  • The new task view in the SharePoint admin center provides one location to create and monitor progress.
  • For each task, there is a task detail pane to download reports and change settings for individual tasks – all centrally managed within the SharePoint admin experience.


100GB file uploads [roadmap ID: 49368]

in the past, Microsoft adjusted several “limits” to adhere to the growth and usage we see with customers day by day.

Now, you can bring larger files, up to 100GB. This, too, applies for migration scenarios, OneDrive sync – especially *differential sync* when actively working with large files, and a continuous focus on overall performance throughout the lifecycle of a file – from upload, to download, to use and edit.

Go big – Microsoft 365 can take it!

Sensitivity labels for Teams, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint Sites

(public preview) [roadmap ID: 57310]

While data growth is also challenging Governance of corporate data it is even more critical to have an easy way to protect and govern Business-critical data.

Office 365 Multi-Geo Capabilities helps you meet data residency compliance needs along this journey and now another major milestone has been announced on ignite:

Public preview of sensitivity labels for Sites/Groups/Teams and sensitivity labels with protection for Files.

With a sensitivity label you can now associate privacy, external user access, and un-managed device policies for Sites and Groups. Users can simply select a sensitivity label when creating or updating a Team, Office 365 Group, or SharePoint Site, and the right security policies will be automatically applied. Simple, seamless, and consistent labels experience across Microsoft 365 experiences.

To learn more, check out https://aka.ms/SPOLabels. Public preview starts Nov 20th, 2019.

Sensitivity labels creation with site and groups settings in the Microsoft 365 compliance center.
Sensitivity selection in groups-connected site creation experience in SharePoint.

Support for sensitivity labels with protection in SharePoint and OneDrive (public preview) [roadmap ID: 57311]

SharePoint and OneDrive now support sensitivity labels with protection i.e. Microsoft Information Protection-based encryption setting can be associated with a sensitivity label. The encrypted files are treated much like regular files and users can open and edit them in Office on the Web and get modern productivity experiences like co-authoring. You can govern these encrypted files with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and eDiscovery too.

Learn more about SharePoint and OneDrive sensitivity labels.

SharePoint auto classification with sensitivity labels
(private preview) [roadmap ID: 57312]

Not only manual labeling, we are also expanding to automatically detect and label the sensitive files in SharePoint and OneDrive so that even if users forget or neglect to label the sensitive files the intelligent engine will catch the sensitive files. You can create an auto labeling policy in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center selecting the rules you like to evaluate to determine sensitivity files with few clicks.

Automatic expiration of external users’ access (generally available) [roadmap ID: 43797]

Governing external users’ access to your corporate data is a critical security task, we are making it easy for you. You can now setup an expiration period, say 60 days, for external users’ access to the file or site they are invited to so that they don’t retain access forever. To meet your business needs, you can also extend the expiration or instantly revoke the access for the given external user for a specific site.


…and there is more! Way more!

  • Information barriers (private preview) [roadmap ID: 57313]
  • The new SharePoint admin center home page [roadmap ID: 57318]
  • Root site swap (now a task within the SharePoint admin center experience) [roadmap ID: 57309]
  • Improved edit panel to manage site settings [roadmap ID: 57314]
  • Modern term store + terms analytics dashboard [roadmap ID: 57315]
  • Increased site collection limit: 2,000,000 site collections per tenant [roadmap ID: 57316]
  • SharePoint Server 2019 in Azure Stack

please keep on reading the public announcement by Mark Kashman, Senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft)
SharePoint and OneDrive Security, compliance, migration, admin and server – Ignite 2019 announcement

…and If you didn’t catch CVP Jeff Teper’s general session, “The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365” at Ignite or live streamed, I highly recommend you to watch the session, soon available on-demand.

Finally, you are invited to engage the Microsoft FastTrack team to help with adoption and migration.

The goal is to empower you and every person on your team to achieve more.

Let Microsoft know what you need next. They are always open to feedback via UserVoice and continued dialog in the SharePoint community in the Microsoft Tech Community —and they always have an eye on tweets to @SharePoint.

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