SharePoint 2007 and Office integration

In 2007 there was published a white paper for Office integration and SharePoint Server 2007. This white paper describes how different versions of Microsoft Office programs work together with the 2003 and 2007 versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies. A downloadable version (*.Doc) is also available here:

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We have now the published version for comparisons on Office versions up to SharePoint 2010 as well 😉

“This paper describes how the 2010, 2007, and 2003 versions of Office work together with the 2010, 2007,
and 2003 versions of SharePoint technologies. Although we provide an overview of Office and SharePoint
features working together in past versions, this paper focuses on the integration features of the Microsoft
Office 2010 experience with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.”

You can get the white paper as PDF here:  BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY AT ITS BEST

Short note!

As often asked by customers when issues are occurring in dependence on what office version is used, you should be aware of the following:

  • Each SharePoint version was designed to perform best with the related office version at the same time to interact with the according SharePoint version.
    This means:

–  SharePoint Portal Server 2003 <=> Office 2003

–  SharePoint Server 2007 <=> Office 2007

–  SharePoint 2010  <=> Office 2010

Sure, we have the compatibility to previous versions as described in the above mentioned white papers but there are still some limitations related to the according technology.
So more or less you should be aware that certain functionalities are not available when using older Office versions against newer SharePoint versions. This is truly quiet not very satisfying but it might be understandable. If you have an older car for example, you may not be able to upgrade certain features like Xenon lights due to the technology restrictions or just not designed for 😉

Does this make sence?

See also the “Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Document: Microsoft Office Programs and SharePoint Products and Technologies Integration – Fair, Good, Better, Best

I’ve also posted some time ago a related blog post regarding this topic, please see here as well for more info:
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*** Update 2010-11-03 ***

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3 thoughts on “SharePoint 2007 and Office integration

  1. Hi Pete, Augusta,
    I’m sorry but if you are looking for the Office client integration and compatibility, there is currently no updated/new or revised Version of this White paper.
    Else, please refine your ask on "SharePoint 2010 compatibility/support for Office 365" – what exactly do you mean with this?
    If it is SharePoint 2010 as an O365 Version, all previous SP 2010 sites and features based on O365 are meanwhile upgraded to SharePoint 2013 expirience.


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