Now its official! SharePoint 2010 and the new features!

*** Update 2009-11-18 *****

The public beta is now published. Please see my post on “SharePoint Server 2010 announcement”



*** Update 2009-11-10 *****

published since 10/19/2009: SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs for download!

Brief Description:
The SharePoint 2010 developer evaluation guide describes the SharePoint 2010 developer platform, including walkthroughs of some of the new capabilities for developers.



Hi folks,

as we’re now allowed to disclose the latest information, I’ll start right away on my blog 😉

Published Info about SharePoint 2010:

The first blog published on Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog shows up a very detailed description of the official disclosure about the new SharePoint 2010 features.

Here you may find a lot of information regarding SharePoint 2010 (formerly known as “Office 14”) and what we’ll get in this release.


*** Update 2009-10-28 *****

Now after the SharePoint Conference 2009 has been finished, the first decks, slides and other information are coming through.
One of them has been posted on my colleague’s Blog as SharePoint 2010 – First technical Stuff available.
Here you’ll find first intro’s on  “Upgrading from MOSS2007 to Sharepoint2010”


Learn More about SharePoint 2010

Information for IT Pros at TechNet 
Information for Developers at MSDN
Information for Everyone               


Testing SharePoint 2010:

Also a very interesting blog already has been published for those people gladly like to play around with the beta stuff! So mostly when you try out or play around with a new release, you usually don’t want to install a complete domain scenario. So you want choose a “single server complete install of SharePoint 2010” which may become a little bit tricky 😉

See this Blog Post for how to deal with it.

A public beta is currently announced for November 2009, so please check frequently the official Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog for getting latest info.
You can here “Pre-register for SharePoint 2010 Beta” for the Beta bits and got notified when they available.


SharePoint 2010 Developer

The SharePoint 2010 Developer Center is now live on MSDN. This new sub-site includes Getting Started modules, as well as a Beta version of the SharePoint 2010 SDK.

To read more, take a look at the SharePoint developer documentation team blog, or head straight to the SharePoint 2010 Developer Center to see detailed, public technical information and instruction around both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010.


SharePoint 2010 Ressources

As Steve Ballmer announced this morning at the SharePoint Conference, and Jeff Teper notes below in his post, the public beta of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be available in November.   Take a look at:

SharePoint 2010 Website – to view SharePoint 2010 in action

SharePoint 2010 forum– for SharePoint 2010 questions

SharePoint 2010 PressPass– for the SPC 2009 keynote video, a Q&A with Jeff Teper, and more

SharePoint 2010 Developer Center – for developer info – for IT Pro info – for more SharePoint information

Business Intelligence Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta)


Further outsight:

I’ll post soon some more information on the complete “Application roles” which you can install and configure in SharePoint 2010,

So stay tuned 😉

greets, Steve


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