7 thoughts on “SP2010 – Site Membership displayed on MySite is out of sync

  1. This site membership issue has been plaguing our environments for several months now. I've just installed the lastest Oct 2011 CU and still no fix.
    If this site memberships web part is not considered to have enough business impact to fix then why have it there in the first place!!
    I've add yet another complaint to MS premier support.


  2. I'm a sad Panda, as just upgraded to SP1 and CU Aug 2011, and still have this darn error.
    Users apparently sync'ed with a sitecollection on a webapplication that now even here anymore.
    And links still point to that location..
    Best regards
    Michael Thøgersen


  3. Hi Michael (sad panda),
    I'm sorry if the august 11 CU does not fix your problem. Are you verfied all above noted "Repro steps" as exactly the same?
    If your repro does not match teh above decription, the fix most probably is not the one you'd need!
    We have lots of support cases, all complaining about broken membership relations or out of sync issues but none has ever raised a hotfix request due to lack of a "business Impact" which is required for it.
    Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to call MS Support at least to make them aware of each reproted case as we then can determine a solid business impact by just having lots of cases with all same or similar issues!
    So go ahead and open a service request as this is the only way to make enough pressure for getting this fixed!
    Besides that, consider that the "membership" can be broken due to variuos reasons or causes whereas each case needs to be investigated individually!
    I know, this does not sounds very sufficient but, hey! – as long as no one "starts the queue of complaints" this is rather not going to be a recognized "pain"!
    greetz, Steve


  4. @Dev and @senthil (assuming it is the same person):
    hey guys, this blog post is just a little part of providing some more understanding and a bit of self-help to the folks out there.
    As outlined several times before, this is just "one" possible issue, detailed and described here and may have lot of other causes that might not be fixed with my suggestions.
    The update patch is only one recommendation and if it does not fix, this is honestly subject for a support case rather than "discussing" its cause here.
    I can only repeat my ask for you to go ahead and open a service request with Microsoft instead of complaining here as this is the only way to make this issue trackable and well recognized by product group. That said, we need those cases to get enough pressure for getting this fully fixed!
    Besides that, consider that the "membership" can be broken due to variuos reasons or causes and dependencies, not only the described one above.
    Each case needs to be investigated individually if the post did not help yet! This can only be covered in a Support incident and will not be handled via this post.
    Your complaints here will not provide better or more awareness to the product team since only support cases are tracked and reports of it being recognized well.
    If we ask the PG for a fix, they will ask for how many cases are tracked and if there are just a couple, it seems quiet clear that the effort to develop a fix with all dependencies for testing and ensuring still keeping the product stable, might be limited, right?
    But of course you can refer to this post and its comments in your support case once raised, because then its also tracked in our SR-databases and may help somehow to get more recognition on this "symptom".
    Hope that gives you more understanding from our perspective and may help somewhat further.


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