April 2011 CU for MOSS and SharePoint 2010 published

The April 2011 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2007 and 2010 product family have been published now.

As usual, the according KB articles and Links are not ready right away, so please expect some delay.
Once published, they will be found finally here:


Descriptions of the Update packages:

  • KB 2512783 – WSS 3.0
  • KB 2512782 – MOSS 2007

    Download Links:

    The download links for the packages are working and you can get the updates directly from here:

    WSS: Download WSS 3.0 April 2011 CU

    MOSS: Download MOSS 2007 April 2011 CU

    Additional Information:

    • Install SP2 for WSS and MOSS (as it is mandatory now) and the appropriate Language Packs if not yet happened.
    • Do you need more information?  You can find additional information here:  All about updating WSSv3 and MOSS2007

    As usual:
    After applying the preceding updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or
    “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait”
    in command line. This needs to be done on every server in the farm with SharePoint installed.

    For all previous updates and packages, please see also my “Build Numbers and Cube Sheet MOSS/WSS


    SharePoint 2010/Foundation:

    Note!  This update will also fix the issues of the Dec. 2010 Cu regressions!

    Descriptions of the Update packages:

  • KB 2512804 – SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • KB 2512800 – SharePoint Server 2010
  • KB 2512801 – SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server

    Download Links:

    MSF2010: Download SharePoint Foundation 2010 April 2011 CU

    The SharePoint Server 2010 package includes the SharePoint Foundation package. So you actually don’t need to install the MSF package first.

    Download SharePoint Server 2010 April 2011 CU

    Download SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server April 2011 CU

    Further instructions and information:

    After installing the packages, you may be prompted for a reboot of your Server! Please don’t forget to run the PSConfig Wizard anyway, even after reboot just to ensure that all updates has been applied completely and successful!

    As usual, you can use the command line on each server in Farm:   “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait”

    A complete list of all published SharePoint CU’s and updates per version is found here: 

    SharePoint Server and Foundation 2010 Build numbers and updates

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSSv3)

    SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and WSSv2

    All about updating MOSS and Language Packs


    Related Update and resource Centers:

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