This Week In Tech (TWiT) App For Windows Phone 7

twitWP7 connectedShow_HalfSize Peter Laudati & Dmitry Lyalin host the edu-taining Connected Show developer podcast on cloud computing and interoperability. Check out episode #37, “Spelunking Windows Phone 7 Development”.  In this episode, “guest” Dmitry Lyalin joins Peter to talk about building a real world Windows Phone 7 application.

Dmitry reveals that he is developing a Windows Phone 7 application for Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech (TWiT) network.  Dmitry walks us through the phone tool experience, how he developed the TWiT application, and the challenges he faced.

Also, Dmitry and Peter cover the latest Microsoft developer news, including ASP.NET security, Windows Phone Dev tools RTM, & the Internet Explorer 9 Beta.


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About the Connected Show

The Connected Show is a podcast hosted by Dmitry Lyalin (Microsoft Consulting Services) and Peter Laudati (Developer Evangelist).  This show features an ongoing discussion about the latest Microsoft developer technologies and how YOU can get connected with them.  Our topics typically (but not always) focus on cloud computing and interoperability with non-Microsoft technologies.  It’s a heterogeneous world out there.  Microsoft has a lot of great technology solutions and we want to let folks know that anyone can take advantage of them, even if they’re not regular Microsoft technology users.
New episodes are published on a bi-weekly basis.  Recently published episodes include:

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