SharePoint 2010 new database limitations and RBS

Since 8th of july 2011, the product group has published a new post regarding changes on database size limitations and guidance. The most interesting key points out of the above mentioned post are as follows: For a SharePoint content database up to 200 GB  there are no special requirements and this limit is included for … Continue reading SharePoint 2010 new database limitations and RBS

Configure Forms Based Authentication (FBA) with SharePoint 2010

Taken From    SharePoint 2010 supports FBA, Like WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007. It's a feature of ASP .Net which we use with SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 you can create web applications using Classic Based Authentication or Claims based Authentication. However, FBA can only be configured with web applications created using Claims Based Authentication. What are the … Continue reading Configure Forms Based Authentication (FBA) with SharePoint 2010

Security Bulletin MS10-039

A new security update for SharePoint (WSSv3 / MOSS2007) got released: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-039 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SharePoint Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2028554) See also KB979445  -> MS10-039: Description of the security update for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: June 8, 2010Update: In case you have installed Feb 2010 CU for WSS … Continue reading Security Bulletin MS10-039

All about updating WSSv3 and MOSS2007

  As repeatedly asked and apparently still confusing the IT folks,  I'll post some information's and what to consider how, during and while updating WSSv3 and MOSS 2007.   Support Life Cycle:  As already announced you should be aware of the retirement of SP1 for WSSv3 which also affects MOSS as it relies on WSSv3 … Continue reading All about updating WSSv3 and MOSS2007

Upgrade SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint 2010

Actually there is no direct path to upgrade/migrate from SPS 2003 to SPS 2010. Unfortunately you must go via the WSSv3/MOSS 2007 stage! For customers running prior versions of SharePoint, including Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003, this means that you must first upgrade to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP2 or Microsoft … Continue reading Upgrade SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2007 and Office integration

In 2007 there was published a white paper for Office integration and SharePoint Server 2007. This white paper describes how different versions of Microsoft Office programs work together with the 2003 and 2007 versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies. A downloadable version (*.Doc) is also available here: Previous posts related to:  Office 2003/2007 Integration … Continue reading SharePoint 2007 and Office integration

Latest news on WSSv4 anD SharePoint 2010

Today, I noticed some other blogs and posts announcing some news around Windows SharePoint Services 4.0 (which is now SharePoint Foundation 2010) and SharePoint Server 2010.My colleague, Stefan Goßner, Escalation Engineer for SharePoint (WSS, SPS, MOSS) and MCMS, has announced in his blog post “First set of KB articles for a new Tool which will … Continue reading Latest news on WSSv4 anD SharePoint 2010

SPS 2010 Public Beta Install and Setup Notes

Ok, all in one, these are the order of steps to be done when you want to install and start successfully the Public beta of SharePoint 2010! Read "Determine Hardware and Software requirements" Check the preliminary requirements for software and patches as described here: SPS 2010 Setup Requirements Prepare your Server 2008 accordingly with all … Continue reading SPS 2010 Public Beta Install and Setup Notes

SharePoint 2010 Pre-Install Download Links

As described in my post on SharePoint 2010 – Setup requirements, while PSConfig Wizard is running, additional software components are required. For environments where Servers are not connected to internet for security reasons this makes it a bit difficult but I’ll provide the links for download them manually to install. NOTE! This post applies to … Continue reading SharePoint 2010 Pre-Install Download Links

SharePoint 2010 – Setup requirements

Preliminary soft- and hardware requirements and prerequisites for SharePoint 2010 beta installation.***Update 2010-03-31***We've seen some confusion in the newsgroups and elsewhere on the versions and editions of Windows that SharePoint 2010 will run on. This post is meant to clarify some of the most common questions we have seen.SharePoint 2010 will support only 64-bit (x64) … Continue reading SharePoint 2010 – Setup requirements

SharePoint 2010 – Resource guide

from the early experiences with the SharePoint 2010 beta and RTM, I’ll post here a list of articles, links and resources all around SPS 2010 from the beginning 😉 Have fun! Table of Content (TOC) on SharePoint 2010 Beta and RTM resource guides – Preliminary Setup requirements  – SharePoint 2010 Pre-Install Download Links – Install and Setup … Continue reading SharePoint 2010 – Resource guide