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from the early experiences with the SharePoint 2010 beta and RTM, I’ll post here a list of articles, links and resources all around SPS 2010 from the beginning 😉 Have fun!

Table of Content (TOC) on SharePoint 2010 Beta and RTM resource guides

Preliminary Setup requirements  
SharePoint 2010 Pre-Install Download Links 
Install and Setup Notes (Public Beta)  
Install SPS2010 on Server 2008 R2 and SQL2008 R2 
– Roles and Services 
– Migration and Upgrade (from MOSS to 2010) 
– Backup and Restore  
User Profile sync (For 2010 Beta!)
User Profile Sync Service (SPS 2010 RTM)
Troubleshooting User Profile…

currently inactive links will become valid soon! So please be patient until the content is uploaded and linked to this table.
Most of the descriptions are applying to RTM versions as well!
😉   thx, Steve



Before you’ll dive into the 2010 beta world, here is a brief overview of the new features and functions in our next generation of SharePoint (Wave 14).

from the official blog of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group:

General information about SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint 2010 virtual machines for evaluation and testing purposes:


Latest news on SharePoint Foundation 2010 (WSS 4.0) and  SharePoint Server 2010


Download SharePoint 2010 Beta:


Beta Product Key:

The key you can use is:


Any one of the two should work.

Please note there’s no technical difference between SharePoint Server 2010 + Enterprise CAL and SharePoint Server for Internet Sites Enterprise. It is only about licensing.

WSS v4 (SharePoint Foundation 2010 Beta):
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Beta (download) 

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SharePoint 2010 Beta Announcement

Stay tuned 😉

Steve Chen, from daily business @ SharePoint Support

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