It’s been a while ago…

Hello all,

first of all: SORRY!

Aside of changing my role on July 2016 within Microsoft, I was heavy loaded the last few month with loads of stuff,

became father again with a cute tiny daughter just recently and hence weren’t able to maintain my blog properly the passed weeks.

So please apologize for my silence and for the missing updates!  I’ll promise to get back more closely with keeping my Blog on a recent state!


As said, it’s been a while ago I’ve posted something new so let me start this with a new notice:


After 8 years it was time for me to move on into new opportunities and with commitment to our companies strategy while tranforming to new horizons,

I changed my role at Microsoft from Support Engineering to Fast track Center in July 2016.

Therefore I had to clean up and hand off loads of stuff from old role and got ramped up in the new team with other new challenges

which kept me blocked to post anything new during the last few weeks.


So for my still existing “SharePoint Versions Build Number sheets”  I’ll keep them updated further!

I’d appreciate if you stay subscribed to my posts and even if its not hot updated with CUs just fresh backed, I’ll keep it going Winking smile

For quick reference, pls. find them here:

Once in a while I will also publish some other “fresh” posts that I still have in mind from my Support Engineering experiences, so it may be worth to stay tuned
as I have some cool stuff to come which was on my plate long time but in lack of time not posted yet Winking smile

Cya soon and hope you stay faithfully with my blog

cheers, Steve

5 thoughts on “It’s been a while ago…

    1. Hi Ali,

      a Fast Track engineer helps customers onboarding to O365 on several workloads such as SharePoint migrations, Skype, Exchange online etc. as a technical resource. I’ll post soon some stuff about Fast Track center, so stay tuned 😉


    1. Hi Aaron,

      sorry I was on updating it and hence it was in draft mode, published now but not finished my intented updates ….
      will redo later….


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