Builds and Updates MOSS/WSS

This is the new continued page about all recently published cumulative updates, service packs and related info all around MOSS 2007 and WSSv3 since SP3.

For any older MOSS/WSSv3 build numbers and/or update information, please check the previous page!

find a similar list here For SharePoint 2010/Foundation (WSSv4)
and find here the SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers and CU’s post.

Since we are now beyond service pack 3 for MOSS/WSS and due to the looooong, loooooong list of historical updates, I created a new, fresh and smarter Cube Sheet for faster lookup Winking smile

So this page refers and applies to MOSS 2007 (aka Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) and WSSv3 (aka Windows SharePoint Services v3).

We start here with the last Service pack 3 and all following cumulative updates.

Last Update: 2014-08-27

Latest Service Packs and Cumulative Updates:

WSS v3 Version KB Global
SP3 (Oct. 2011)* 12.0.6608.1000 2526305 localized
Oct. CU 2011 )** 12.0.6654.5000 2596541 Y
Dec. CU 2011 )** 12.0.6656.5000 2596987 Y
Feb CU 2012 )** 12.0.6658.5000 2597959 Y
April CU 2012 )** 12.0.6661.5000 2598130 Y
June CU 2012 )** 12.0.6662.5000 2687257 Y
Aug CU 2012 )** 12.0.6665.5000 2687331 Y
Oct. CU 2012 )** 12.0.6668.5000 2687535 Y
Dec. CU 12 )** 12.0.6670.5002 2760571 Y
Febr. CU 13 )** 12.0.6673.5001 2760816 Y
April CU 13 )** 12.0.6676.5000 2799869 Y
June CU 13 )** 

– Last released CU deu to end of support base line.

12.0.6679.5001 2817329 Y
MS14-22 Sec.Upd. 12.0.6690.5000 2837616 Y

 Note! Updates marked with )** are post SP hotfixes, that requires the last prior released Service Pack installed before applying these CU’s!

 Note! Service Pack 3 contains a roll-up of all cumulative and public updates since SP2 for both Office Client and applications as well as SharePoint Servers, in addition to some new fixes for issues discovered during the lifecycle of SP2!
Because Office service packs are cumulative, you do not have to install Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 before you install Service Pack 3. Service Pack 3 includes all fixes which were included in Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2.

MOSS 2007 Version KB Global
SP3 (Oct. 2011)* 12.0.6608.1000 2526299 localized
Oct. CU 2011 )** 12.0.6654.5002 2596540 Y
Dec. CU 2011 )** 12.0.6656.5001 2596986 Y
Feb CU 2012 )** 12.0.6658.5000 2597958 Y
April CU 2012 )** 12.0.6661.5000 2598129 Y
June CU 2012 )** 12.0.6662.5000 2687256 Y
Aug CU 2012 )** 12.0.6665.5000 2687330 Y
Oct. CU 2012 )** 12.0.6668.5000 2687533 Y
Dec. CU 12 )** 12.0.6670.5002 2760570 Y
Febr. CU 13 )** 12.0.6673.5001 2760814 Y
April Cu 13 )** 12.0.6676.5000 2799867 Y
June CU 13 )** 

– Last released CU deu to end of support base line.

12.0.6679.5001 2817328 Y
MS14-22 Sec.Upd. 12.0.6690.5000 2596902 Y

Support Lifecycle for MOSS 2007:


Products Released Lifecycle Start Date Mainstream Support End Date Extended Support End Date Service Pack Support End Date Notes
SharePoint Server 2007 1/27/2007    10/9/2012    10/10/2017    1/13/2009  
SharePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 1 12/11/2007 Not Applicable Not Applicable 7/13/2010  
SharePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 2 4/28/2009 Not Applicable Not Applicable 1/8/2013  
SharePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 3 10/25/2011 Review Note Review Note   Support ends 12 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product’s support lifecycle, whichever comes first.  For more information, please see the service pack policy at


Installation and Update information:

Ee721049.note(en-us,office.14).gif Important:
After applying the preceding updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard as usual or “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” in command line. This needs to be done on every server in the farm with SharePoint installed. For more information on how to install updates for MOSS7WSS, please see here: “All about updating…”

)* As usually, the according language packs must be installed as well! The main download contains also the links to the Language pack Service packs. Notice, that you may change the download language to receive the correct package link for the additional LP’s you have installed!

More information and Details about SP3 for WSS and MOSS you can find as well on my blog here: Current Service pack Announcements Oct. 2011 and/or on the blog of my colleague Joerg Sinemus.
Please install the latest cumulative updates always on top of its prior released Service Pack!

Some related Questions:

October CU or SP3 ?  –> find the answer on my colleagues Blog, Joerg Sinemus.

Is the hotfix or service pack going to break my SharePoint pages or deployment?

SharePoint 2007 – 12 Hive System-File Changes…   –> Blog of Sharad Kumar, MVP


WSS v.3.0 Language Packs:


Related Information

Support life cycle for SharePoint products:

Further resources:


Some older version and build info if still needed  ,-)
SharePoint Portal Server 2003 / SharePoint Services aka WSSv2

Final Support for the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 ends in 4/8/2014 !
See here for Lifecycle information:

22 thoughts on “Builds and Updates MOSS/WSS

  1. By MS announcement that all full support of MS Sharepoint 2007 SP2 has been endded since 08 Jan 2013, so now, from 2016, we can use MS Sharepoint 2007 SP2 without any SP 2007 SP2 User CAL or Device CAL, isn’t it ?

    Vo The Hung


    1. Hello Vo The Hung,

      I’m sorry If I didnt get your question.
      End of Support means here that you still can use MOSS as you did before, no restrictions on usage or Cals.
      End of Support actually means, that MS will no longer provide Updates, patches or service packs and in case of an issue, a support service request will be handled based on the last supported version/patch level or else just as “best effort Support”.
      Licensing is not limited or related to support boundaries of the product in terms of “using them”.


  2. Hi Alex,

    please try out Febr. or April 2013 CU if they can install. If yes, then download the June package again and retry it once more.
    If still failing, then you might have an issue within the patch chain between SP3 and likely any subsequent security fix.
    BTW: the last fix in the table above is also a sec. fix and should be definitely installed on top of June!

    Have you checked the upgrade logs? they should be found in the temp folder of the logged on user that installed the patches lately.
    How about ULS logs? any hint there related to the failures?

    Have you tried to run first the PSConfig wiz either from GUI or command line? Maybe there is an uncommitted update or patch still waiting for the final execution. Pls do so and asure, that this can be done w/o issues! If any errors comes up already there, then
    any patch update post SP3 may fail anyway.

    If all of this still doesn’t lead to a fix, then pls raise a support case with MS to deeper investigate! You’re still supported although in extended


    HtH, cheers. Steve


  3. Hi Steve,

    I want to update SharePoint 2007 to the June CU (Latest), the SP3 has already installed.
    When the installation begin, there is an error that said "The Installation of this package failed".

    any advice?
    FYI, I have checked the drive space, it has 30gb empty space out of 100gb.
    I have also tried to run as admin, but error still happen.
    I suspect the installer was unable to extract file into temp file.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  4. Hello Steve, our SharePoint foundation build number is 14.0.5130.5002 and the latest CU was on Dec 2010, is there anyway we can upgrade to the newer build number? Thanks for your quick response.


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  9. Hi Steve per you comment above 20 Aug 2012 9:17 AM, "The DLL's will get another version if tehy are touched by update but the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll is every time changed when a CU gets created, so this is the most recent version and indicator for your status" Is this true for all CUs? We have MOSS 2007 with SP3 installed, I recently installed June 13 CU (12.0.6679.5001) and notice Microsoft.SharePoint.dll stayed with 12.0.6608.1000. Should it have updated to 12.0.6679.5001? Thanks in advance.


  10. Hi NoraD,

    first of all, your comment belongs to my blog post here:

    To your Question:
    you are on patch level far before SP1 that was released in 2011.
    So to get up to the latest bits, you should do the following:

    1. Install SP1 for SP 2010 (
    2. If any language packs installed, update them as well to its SP1 release (see post above for more)
    3. Install SP2 for SP 2010 (
    same as 2. for language packs!
    4. install any of the most recent CU’s after SP2 release.

    Don’t forget to run psconfiog wizard after each install step to ensure you have fully applied the updates.

    Hth, cheers, Steve


  11. Thanks Steve for your quick response!
    Is this normal seeing Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll and Microsoft.sharepoint.dll versions different though? In my case they are 12.0.6604.1000 and 12.0.6608.1000 respectively.


  12. Great article Steve (as always :-)),
    I just have a question on the MOSS 2007/ WSS3.0 SP3 – for both products you mentioned DLL versions to be 12.0.6606.1000. However when I upgraded to SP3 in my MOSS 2007 environment (from SP2) including LP I get as below:
    1. From Central Admin I’m seeing farm version “”
    2. Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll – version after SP3 install 12.0.6604.1000
    3. Microsoft.SharePoint.dll – version after SP3 install 12.0.6608.1000
    4. Dbo.Versions for the content DBs show except for the SSP DB which is 12.0.6608.1000
    Should I be worried about this mismatch on the DLL (from 12ISAPI)?
    Appreciate any feedback!


  13. Hi BlueSky,
    well, not necessarily always but it can be. The DLL's will get another version if tehy are touched by update but the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll is every time changed when a CU gets created, so this is the most recent version and indicator for your status.
    The Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll aside with many other dll's might not always being touched and thus doesnt get updated in version. Only if there was a change, then the version will increase as well.
    Again, no worries about the versions. If you have the Microsoft.sharepoint.dll aligned with the described version from the CU/KB description, then you're fine.
    if some other DLL's are not exact same version, this might be by design.
    cheers, Steve


  14. Hi BlueSky,
    the central admin page is pulling the file version from the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll – so this is the correct version you'll see there.
    It is correct, that the SP3 file version was increased becasue when a regression was detecetd, the next better version gets publsihed and depending on when you have downloaded the SP,
    this might be the latest one which is then of course the higher one.
    So no worries, its all ok with your buoild numbers, I have corrected it already to avoid further confusions.
    thanks for the hint and cheers, Steve


  15. @Alexi:
    well at least with MOSS, the DLL always was changed and hence reflecting the build version as it is told in the according KB article.
    From SPS2010 or 2013 meanwhile the Microsoft.sharepoint.dll is NOT always patched and hence the version might differ from the one stated in its KB.
    So the best way to check and make sure is query the config DB on table dbo.versions and find it there.

    But in your case, the Microsoft.sharepoint.dll must have been updated in any case as your last version of 12.0.6608.1000 is SP3 while the version 12.0.6679.5001 is the latest CU from june 2013 and hence must have been changed at least once!

    Are you sure, that you did run the config wiz. after installing the CU?

    kr, Steve


  16. Hi Steve, we have a MOSS 2007 SharePoint with SP3 installed. I installed CU June CU 13 )** 12.0.6679.5001 2817329, from the Upgrade.log there was no errors. I proceeded to run Configuration Wizard. I see microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll updated 12.0.6668.500 however microsoft.sharepoint.dll still stay at 12.0.6608.1000. Per your post on 20 Aug 2012 9:17 AM above, you noted that microsoft.sharepoint.dll should be updated on every CU to match the build number. In this case should it be updated to 12.0.6679.5001? Thanks!


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