5 thoughts on “User Profile Import from BDC fails on SharePoint Server 2010 with Event ID 6301

  1. Hi Anurag,

    the SharePoint properties for Job-title and title are mapped both to the same AD-Attribute "title" which is by design when using FIM User profiles sync and import.

    Within SharePoint, we need the "job-title" property (internal name SPS-JobTitle) for search as a metadata field whereas Ad uses the "title" attribute only.

    if you want to really split off the "Job-title" and "title" property, create custom property and map it as intended and if needed expose the custom property to the MySite while removing the displyy of the "Job-title/title" prop on the same.

    HtH, cheers, Steve


  2. Hi Racer,
    I'm sorry but did you really restarted your server after changing the property? And  did you also really perforemd a FULL-IMPORT  If this still does not work, you may recreate the UPA servuice application and import connection. But bear in mind that you take care of not deleting the Profile and social DB if you want to keep the data in there. The sync DB must be deleted and new created. This should do the trick 😉
    greets, Steve


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