First Updates for SharePoint 2010 released

After a couple of weeks delay the June CU for SharePoint 2010 has been released last night.

Unfortunately this time we don’t deliver the updates as “Uber”, CU or “Server”-Package!
So if needed, you may download and install each fix one-by-one.

Below you’ll find a list of the KB’s with links.

Some of the links are currently not available but will become soon, so don’t wonder, if a link is not working:

(Build: 14.0000.5114.5000; 14.0000.5114.5003

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: – localized (Japanese language)

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010:

KB 2028568 – Download patch

Project Server 2010:

The Office 2010 Cumulative Update for June 2010 (KB 2259686) contains additional hotfixes that apply to Project Server 2010 and Search Server 2010.

On patching SharePoint 2010 please follow the same rules like in SharePoint 2007:

1. install first WSSv4 / Microsoft SharePoint Foundation (MSF) patches

2. Install language pack patches if language packages are installed

3. install Microsoft SharePoint Server (MSS) / Office Server Patches

4. run “SharePoint Configuration Wirzard” from the UI  or via command-line:  
    psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait

For the future, you’ll find all updates and KB links in my new SharePoint 2010 Cube Sheet


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