SharePoint August cumulative updates are now complete!

Update 2009-09-14 

From an earlier Blog post of my colleague, Joerg Sinemus he posted about the known issue regarding the WSS August cumulative update:
“issue with Reattaching content database by stsadm –addcontentdb …..
Result: Recommended way is use WSS August CU on WSS-Only Environments and test it before doing this in Production.”

Now another colleague, Patrick Heyde  posted more details on this issue: Side Effect AugustCU 2009 – Problem with Attach Contentdb

Usually, since SP2 for WSS and MOSS you might not need to detach/reattach databases but some customer are still using pre-created scripts for deploying updates where database detach/reattach is commonly used. Please check the Link for more information about that Issue and how to deal with it.

greets, Steve Chen

As usual the WSS package was published in august 2009 but the MOSS package were not ready but highly awaited.
Now we have the full august cumulative packages ready.
The WSS description is already online but the description for MOSS is currently not active but may come soon!

KB 973400 – The full server package for WSS v3;EN-US;973400

KB  973399 The full server package for MOSS;EN-US;973399
currently not active! but coming soon đŸ˜‰

Full server package for WSS
Full server package for MOSS

This packages are containing many fixes since June and it is recommended to have the following considered:

– You should have Service Pack 2 for WSSv3 and MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) already installed
– You still need the additional “Trial issue fix” to install
– You also should first update all SharePoint Language Packs on top
   –> For more information to language packs a.s.o. please see this blog:
– Install/deploy the full WSS package
– Install/deploy the full MOSS package

After installing the packages on all servers in your farm, please don’t forget to run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” in command line.

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