June 2012 CU for MOSS/WSSv3

As usual, here is the information of the bi-monthly cumulative update packages:

WSSv3/Moss 2007:

Important: this is a Post-SP3 hotfix. It is highly recommended to first install Service Pack 3 of WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 before installing February 2012 CU

WSS (12.0.6662.5000):

KB 2687257 WSSv3 server package (Description)


MOSS (12.0.6661.5000):

KB 2687256 MOSS server package (Description)


As usual:
After installing the cumulative updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or
“psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” from an elevated command line.

This needs to be done on every server in the farm with SharePoint installed!

For all previous updates and service packs, please see the “Build Numbers and Cube Sheet MOSS/WSS

Last previous update packages: 2007 Office system cumulative update for April 2012

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More information and Details about SP3 for WSS and MOSS:

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Project Server 2007 (resource center)
Blog Post Brian Smith: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/brismith/

2007 Office system cumulative update for June 2012

Description of the Project Server 2007 hotfix package (Pjsrvapp-x-none.msp, Pjsrvwfe-x-none.msp): June 26, 2012

Project Server Experts Community: http://www.projectserverexperts.com/Pages/home.aspx

9 thoughts on “June 2012 CU for MOSS/WSSv3

  1. @Dinesh22:
    Sorry for the delay, just realized your comment today :-/
    During patching, there are some processes running against the DB and other stuff that will only take effect after running the SPconfig wizard.
    If you will havean 1 day off between the patches your farm will be likely unavailable until the wizard completed. Although few sites and features may work, it will definitely have an impact on how things are working together and unexpected errors, failures or not working functionality will be the case.
    At least for MOSS, we highly recommend to close each patch, update or SP installation with running and completing the config wizard.
    HtH, cheers, Steve


  2. Hi Steve,
    we are planning for SP3 upgrade on our MOSS 2007 SP2 Farm. the plan is to install SP3+Security Patch+ June 2013 CU. becuase of the time constraint we are trying to install SP3 on all mOSS servers on day1 and on day 2 Security patch and June 2013 CU. SO one day2 we will run PSCONFIG.
    My question is – DO we have any issues in leaving the servers for 1 day with out running PSCONFIG after installing SP3?
    Thanks in Advance


  3. Thanks a lot for a prompt answer.
    Yes it does answer my question.
    About this language pack, is this necessary? We have everything configured in English at the moment.


  4. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for this blog, I'm finally finding all the information I need to clearly understand the way the updates should be deployed.
    I still have a question though …. 😉
    I'm the sysadmin of a 5 servers MOSS farm with Project server.
    Currently we're running with SP2 and the Oct 2010 CU (I know it's bad).
    So I'm trying to work out an update scenario for my farm.
    I've the following approach in mind :
    Starting with the CA server, application and then the WFE
    – Install SP3 for WSS
    – Run psconfig
    – Install SP3 for MOSS
    – Run psconfig
    – Install June 2012 CU
    – Run psconfig
    Is that correct ?
    Thanks and have a nice day.


  5. Hi Thomas,
    No, its just in case you would ahve had one installed already, then you have to consider the dependencies.
    If you dont have any language packs at all, you dont need to worry 😉
    Greetz, Steve


  6. Hi Thomas,
    this sounds good so far, but just for clarification, consider the dependencies with previously installed language packs!
    there is a certain order you must hold while installing/patching to avoid unwanted results! – See my Blog "•All about updating MOSS and Language Packs" for more! (link found above).
    Ensure you have a FULL Farm backup as well as by SQL DB backup + CA spbackup util additionally (just to be sure, we have a doubled net).
    and dont forget to check your backup for consistency!
    Prevent users from modifying any content while update
    – start with the APP Server and install the WSS SP3 package DO NOT RUN PSConf.Wiz!
    – install WSS SP3 now on the next server and RUN PSConf.Wiz!
    – repeat for each server in farm until you finally get back to your APP Server
    – Now run the PSConf.Wiz on the APP Server at last!
    Same procedure applies to the MOSS SP3 package and then ocne more for the June CU package.
    If done so, you should be fine 😉
    Hope that answers your questions,
    cheers, Steve


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